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Royal Windsor Flower Show – Saturday 8th June

Royal Windsor Flower Show – Saturday 8th June

The Royal Windsor Flower Show is back, bringing together not only the UK’s most revered horticultural experts, stunning gardens and displays but also communities and garden enthusiasts of all ages and abilities. The inescapable quality of the show which will again be held in the bucolic grounds of Windsor Great Park’s The York Club, ensures this one-day, family-friendly event is quickly becoming a must in people’s summer calendar.

The Royal Windsor Flower Show is a fabulous one-day event that celebrates gardening, nature, cookery, traditional crafts and old fashioned fun. The Show will run from 10am – 6pm on Saturday 8th June at the York Club, Windsor Great park and will feature a wide range of food, drink, entertainment and activities for all the family.

This year, a theme of ‘Harmony’ will gently wind its way through the Show and will take on many forms. The first of which is the magnificent Central Garden, the focal point and beating heart of the show. Designed by Alan Williams of the multi award winning Landform Consultants, this year’s stunning Central Garden is called ‘What Do You See’ and takes inspiration from a book written in 2010 by HM the King called Harmony – A New Way of Looking at Our World, a blueprint for a more balanced, sustainable world.

‘What do you see?’ – an invitation for all visitors, including those young people, to form a deeper understanding and connection to the natural world. The garden layout has been designed around the orbit pattern of earth and Venus which creates a five-petal flower shape every 8 years.

And, for the first time, the central garden will be relocated to Bishopsgate School which, led by its very own forward looking, ‘green thumbed’ head, Peter Thacker, is developing its curriculum to engage its young people in gardening, nature and the environment.

This initiative runs alongside Royal Windsor Flower Show’s school gardening outreach program that supports 12 local schools each year, to encourage children to observe and to question. The show’s specialist horticultural advisor helps children to create richly planted wheelbarrows and grow their own crop of potatoes to be displayed for all to enjoy at the show. Each school will also take their students to Waltham Place – a biodynamic farm which offers a wealth of visual, tactile and
multi-sensory experiences, including rare breed animals, a kitchen garden, compost heap and woodland rich in flora and fauna.

Surrounding the ‘What Do You See’ Central Garden will be a wide range of stalls food, drink, entertainment and activities for all the family, including:

Featuring ten top-flight nurseries from across the country.

Talks Theatre, featuring inspiring talks from gardening great Alan Titchmarsh, dynamic floral designer Yan Skates, top chefs Katie and Giancarlo Caldesi and Chris Bavin (new Ambassador), mindfulness with Dr David Hamilton and Question Time for Gardeners with Keeper of the Royal gardens at Windsor John Anderson and perennials queen Rosy Hardy.

Housing the incredible roses, sweetpeas, cakes and crafts made by local people. This year, the Children’s competitions have been inspired by the incredible world of colourful pollinators, this year’s theme is ‘The Winged Wonders’. for which ten local schools will take part in a creative and engaging workshop at Busy Buttons CORE Charity, Windsor, to make their entries for the School’s Craft Competition.

Little Muddy Boots will also help entrants organise their own ‘seed and seedling swap’ event to help school communities share plants. Each entrant must design and make a name plaque for their wheelbarrow (to be placed after judging) and are encouraged to decorate their wheelbarrows to support the theme.

Once again, Busy Buttons CORE Charity, led by Louella Fernandez-Lempiainen and Lautaro Lempiainen, will design and stage the Children’s Marquee. Entitled ‘The Messengers of Life’, this year the Children’s Marquee will reflect the urgent need for us to listen to nature’s messengers as they tell us about living in harmony with our fragile ecosystem.

These marquees feature lots of fun activities for children including gardening projects with Little Muddy Boots, crafting with Busy Buttons CORE Charity as well as Punch & Judy and a Circus training camp.


The Royal Windsor Flower Show are delighted to engage with over 650 through their school gardening and craft initiative delivered in association with local company Little Muddy Boots and partner charity Busy Buttons CORE.

The Windsor Royal Flower Show raises funds for the Royal Windsor Rose & Horticultural Society whose prose is to create, deliver and support charitable projects in our local community.

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