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It’s Dog-cation Time!

It’s Dog-cation Time!

The sun is out and the British public (and their four-legged friends!) are dreaming of summer holidays. This year, due to Covid restrictions on travel abroad, it’s all about staycations… or, should we say, ‘dog-cations’? In order to help owners travel safely and comfortably with their pets, Vet’s Kitchen have created a helpful list of tips to consider, from packing your dog’s suitcase to avoiding canine car-sickness.

Today, a third of households in the UK include a four-legged member. This equates to 12.5 million dogs nationwide, who could potentially be joining their owners on holiday somewhere in the British Isles. The good news is that there are plenty of options out there if you’re holidaying with your dog. Following the increase in pet ownership during lockdown, businesses like Air BnB have had to accommodate their furrier guests and there are a wealth of beautiful UK destinations ideal for dog-walking.

Fiona Firth, Vet’s Kitchen nutritionist says, “Dog-cations are great fun! My top tips? Remember to watch your dog’s hydration in the warm weather and take some treats with you, such as Vet’s Kitchen Little Stars, to reward them for good behaviour. And from my own experience, if your dog is prone to car sickness, don’t feed them just before embarking on a long journey or you might find a nasty surprise in the boot of your car at the first loo-break!”

Fiona and the Vet’s Klinic team have come up with the following ‘Dog-cation Top Tips’ to help the modern family make the most of their time away, without any unwanted trips to the vet.

  1. Stick to your dog’s their normal food, holidays are not the best time to try out a new dish!
  2. For your dog’s comfort avoid feeding a large meal before a long journey.
  3. Lay off the holiday treats like ice creams, chips and BBQ food. New foods can upset dog’s digestive systems so best to avoid things you wouldn’t normally give them.
  4. Invest in a ‘no spill’ water bowl – they’re fabulous for mess-free travelling with your pet.
  5. If the weather is hot, consider adding extra water to their dry food or supplement with some wet dog food to keep your dog hydrated. You can also increase water intake (with little calories) with added fruit and vegetables such as cucumber and watermelon.
  6. A great idea if you’re likely to be more active than usual is to feed 3 meals per day instead of 2 – but be kind, don’t overdo the walks if your dog is not used to it.
  7. Take fresh water to the beach for your dog and make sure they have access to plenty of shade.

And from all of Vet’s Kitchen, happy holidays!

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