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Better Days Will Come by Miss Foxy

Better Days Will Come by Miss Foxy

Hi there, I am Miss Foxy (TFD Beauty Editor). As many parents across the country right now I am confined to my home whilst we try to deal with this terrible pandemic that has taken over our lives.

I’m on maternity leave with my 5 month old baby and for the past few weeks we have been having a lovely time going to groups, exercise classes, coffee mornings and having movie days at home, however, this has come to an abrupt halt. Rather than waste this time (and go a little stir crazy), we will be making some posts on our daily activities that we get up to at home during this isolation!


By Frankie aged 5 monthsWhat better way to start off, than with something that so many of us are getting involved in. Children across the country are putting rainbows in their window for other children to see when they are out on a walk (keeping social distancing obviously 🙄) and also adding a teddy bear to the window for ‘a bear hunt’.



Get your pictures in those windows! We would love to see yours too – tag us on Insta @TheFoxyDeer

Much love

Miss Foxy & Foxy Cub xx


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