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Baking With Baby

Baking With Baby

Miss Foxy is back today and it is all about baking!……….

Following Boris’s lock down last night we will be staying in (like all of you) until all of this blows over. That means using the food from the cupboards.

I’ve been searching for the perfect banana bread since I was pregnant, however, I’ve always gone back to my favourite – my Nans! (Editors note: Nanny P does in fact make the finest banana bread!).

I’ve added a few bits as I have a real sweat tooth but you can add what you want to your own taste (my Nan usually uses raisins!)

10/12oz self raising flour
6oz of butter or margarine (I slightly warm it)
6oz soft brown sugar
3 eggs
2 ripe bananas

If it’s too wet add more flour, if it’s too dry add a drop of milk! (We are full of useful tips & hints!).

I also add a squeeze of honey and chocolate chips (white and milk!)

I loved doing this with my baby today, as I talk incessantly to him all the time anyway! I explained what we were doing and had a dance around to Disney songs. He’s almost ready to wean so I put him in his sling and let him touch all of the ingredients. He especially loved squishing the bananas!

(Editors note: Can you get Nanny P to share her lemon drizzle – that is divine!!!).

Enjoy baking!

Much Love

Miss Foxy xx

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