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Casablanca, Marlow, fine food and tom kerridge

Casablanca, Marlow, fine food and tom kerridge

Last Friday Mr Foxy and I had the enormous pleasure of attending the Marlow premiere so we know first hand what a treat you are in for if you are lucky enough to get hold of tickets! We honestly expected a drafty old tent with a sofa and some snack type food but oh no!! Having been greeted by Santa, some elves and reindeer, we were ushered into a lush bar adorned with large mandatory Christmas tree!

Having been served a glass of bubbly we made our way into the cinema and were amazed at the decor! Sumptuous red sofas await you, a small dining table and soft lighting. Certainly not what we were expecting!! Followed by a short introduction from our hosts we slumped back into our very comfy sofa to watch Casablanca.

Chris Evans, Chris Hughes, Tom Kerridge and Noel Fitzpatrick

Our starters were served – a delicious seasonal salad for moi and potted salmon for the old grey fox! I must say my grub was delicious!!! One of the best I have eaten and Mr Foxy was nodding appreciatively at his fishy starter too!

We relaxed and absorbed ourselves in the film, I had to admit that I had never seen Casablanca all the way through so this was going to be a huge treat! Despite being in such a large and open room, you feel very intimate on your sofa made for 2 -it is very comfy and warm. Blankets were placed upon each sofa should you need them but to be honest despite the sub zero temperatures outside it was very warm in!

Time for mains, chicken korma for Mr Foxy and lentil curry for me. Perfect portions are delivered by our lovely waiters/waitresses and we again sample some amazing cuisine! It is hard to believe we are in a field enjoying such fab food, very festival chic!

INTERMISSION: Time for a quick visit to some very posh portaloos! Our interval drinks are delivered to us (order these prior to film as it saves time!) and we resume for the last half an hour of this glorious Hollywood film.

Hand-made ice cream is served – several flavours to choose from – banana, chocolate, melon, strawberry – we both opt for strawberry. At this point I am expecting to give mine to Mr Foxy as to be honest I really don’t like ice cream and only accepted to be polite. Thus said, this was the most amazing dessert!!! So much so that after the film had ended I had to run up to Mr Kerridge and his head chef Kieran gushing unapologetically over this masterpiece and the evening in general. Had to stop myself from my usual Miranda ‘What fun’ declaration as by this point they probably already thought me a little mad!

The Foxy Deer does not endorse drinking, unless it is a special occasion like this! Or Monday nights, possibly Thursdays…….

This is a seriously cool way to spend an evening! Great film, great food, great atmosphere and (I must say) fabulous Mr Foxy as company.  You have to love what Tom is doing! I used to live in Henley and as Marlow was my neighbour I spent a lot of time here. It is a beautiful town for many, many reasons – the 2 biggest being the scenery and the people. It seems the whole town have embraced Tom and his friends vision with Pub In The Park (2018 dates and venues just announced Marlow/Bath/Tunbridge Wells/Knutsford) and the Gourmet Picture Co – they are breathing new life into this sleepy riverside town. The waters have not been ruffled, merely gently stirred with a stick of excitement and may I say decadence. I cannot wait to see what these team come up with next – exciting times ahead!!

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