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Zebra One Gallery unveils previously unseen photographs

Zebra One Gallery unveils previously unseen photographs

Never-before-seen photographs of legendary artists including Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso and Joan Miro have been unveiled by Hampstead’s Zebra One Gallery, where the images will be on display until the end of September.

The vintage photographs are by celebrated photographers like Andre Villers, Paul Almasy, Robert Capa and Robert Doisneau and are on sale for £500 to £2000.

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The owner of Zebra One Gabrielle Du Plooy said: “We are so excited to have found these extraordinary images of icons, taken by icons. “They give a rare and intimate glimpse into the lives of these hugely influential artists.”

Throughout Salvador Dali’s career, a question that reoccured time and time again was whether he would cut his iconic moustache – a point that is addressed in a shot taken by Paul Popper which shows the famous painter taking a pair of scissors to his prominent moustache in a mirror.

One photograph portrays Salvador Dali jokingly holding his hand over Bolttini’s ‘Woman Washing’ painting depicting a nude woman as if to protect her modesty in jest, in a piece titled ‘A Man Who Doesn’t Like Nudes… Well Almost’. In another, he is pictured greeting the Duke of Windsor with a handshake at their first dinner appointment in New York.

A number of the unseen images are taken of Pablo Picasso, one of the greatest and most influential figures of art of the 20th century. These photographs display Picasso at a public speaking, portraits of the artists, shots of the him with his wife and Picasso with a number of acquaintances including Joan Prats, Henrietta Gomes and Edouard Pignon.

The collection includes rare photographs, as demonstrated by Robert Doisneau. The French photographer captured a rare photo of artist Georges Braque mixing paints on his palette in his studio. Since Braque was a very private man, photos of the artist are hard to come by as he did not encourage photographers.

Along with the collection is a homage to painter, printmaker and sculptor Henri Matisse by Brassai. The book is a tribute to the French artist, offering quality reproductions of 10 drawings, most signed and dated, in top condition. The book comes along with a black and white photo of Matisse by Brassai, portraying the artist at work, sketching.

Also featured in the collection are various portraits and press photographs of artists including Marc Chagall, Bernard Buffet, Fernand Leger, Sir Jacob Epstein, Joan Miro and Maurice Utrillo to name a few.

The collection displays a host of unseen photos of art and artists taken by big names in the art world, as well as a number of photographs produced by unknown names.

Zebra One Gallery is an art gallery and dealership based in London, bringing a wealth of artistic expertise to the gallery’s clients. Having been established for over 40 years, it has become one of the capital’s leaders in the sales and
dealings of art from some of the most well known artists and greatest photographers of time, including Helmut Newton, Philip Townsend, Banksy, Andy Warhol, Picasso and Dom Pattinson.

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