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Your Life Journey – Roo Davies, Life Coach

Your Life Journey – Roo Davies, Life Coach

Today we are chatting to Roo Davies who is a life coach at Your Life Journey.

What do you do and how long have you been doing it?

I’m a life coach helping people thrive rather than just survive and am very proud to have been voted 2018 Winner of the Foxy Deer Wellbeing and Life Coaching award. My coaching career started in 2007 however I became dedicated to life coaching and launched my own business in 2016.

What made you start this career?

After many years of coaching, I became a life coach after a series of events left me feeling like the rug had been pulled from under me. One of these life events was my Dad dying after a short battle with cancer. My life changed overnight which led to a period of uncertainty. Over time, and with life coaching, I regained control and shaped my next chapter.

I am deeply passionate about sharing how powerful coaching can be. Investing in yourself and taking the time to reflect, talk and really get to know yourself and what you want from life, can be massively empowering. Being invited onto that journey with people and guiding them through is a privilege.

What is your background?

Graduating from University with a marketing degree I headed straight into the Corporate world. The arrival of my twin daughters 13 years ago signified a new chapter in my work as well as personal life. Making the move to a marketing consultancy, coaching came much more to the forefront of my work life and I realised my passion and flair for it. 2016 was a big year for me, launching my very own life coaching business.

What are the challenges you face as a business?

Expanding my services outside of face to face coaching was the biggest challenge that I faced initially. I was really limiting my service offering but overcame this by offering coaching via video conference. I now can work with people all over the world. Another challenge is down to word of mouth and referrals being very important for me but people tend not to openly talk about their coaching experience. In that sense we are years behind other countries such as America where coaching is much more commonplace.

What do you like most about running your own business?

It has to be that I am the creator of my own destiny. The buck stops with me. I can decide where I take my business as well as where, how and when I work. It is liberating and in turn work feels less like work which is always the goal! A recent example of this is deciding to run my first public workshop in Feb 2018. It is something that people were asking for and I wanted to do it so the decision was made.

What is your USP?

I absolutely love connecting with people and care about helping empower and motivate people. I believe that shines through in my empathetic approach as there is no one size that fits all. To that end I pride myself in being flexible and that the coaching process is led by my client. To give you a flavour, I am open to offering personalized packages which in the past have included coaching whilst walking in the beautiful Chiltern Hills and private half day sessions (with refreshments)!

Why should people come and visit your Your Life Journey?

They are ready to invest in themselves and create a life that they love! Rethink the ROI of spending £60 on a meal with friends or a shopping trip compared with a hour focused on you and how you can master making change happen, dismantle obstacles and fears that may be holding you back, build self belief, gain clarity on where you are heading and how you can get there.

In 3 words describe your business

Life Changing. Motivating. Friendly


Tell us a bit more about yourself…

What do you do to relax?

I love spending time in the woods that surround my home in Chinnor. Running or walking with my ever faithful lab at my side! Also kicking back at the weekend with friends and family – laughing over a table full of food and decent wine!

Where is your favourite place to dine/holiday?

I love love love both Ibiza and Barcelona. I love the Spanish food and culture and spending time on the beach and then partying the night away so these 2 are my favourite spots!

Oh there are so many amazing places to eat in Oxfordshire but my favourite has to be the Six Bells in Thame. Just a couple of minutes from my practice in Thame, whether it’s brunch, lunch or dinner it never disappoints. Solo, with friends on a night out or a roast dinner with the family, I’m always happy there.

What do you like about living in the Thames/Chilterns area?

It has be the Chilterns! Pretty much every week I explore a new route up in the hills. All year round they are stunning and the views can be breath taking. Nothing better to give you perspective than sitting high up in the Nature Reserve above Chinnor and taking it all in.


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