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UK Property – is selling up and moving away your dream?

UK Property – is selling up and moving away your dream?

Living in the countryside is certainly a joy and we never take it for granted but having grown up here we were never going to move too far away from the family. I always feel for younger people as to buy a property around here is nigh on impossible! Whilst we maybe lucky to enjoy such an affluent area, this is excluding many from getting a foot on the property ladder hence the fab ownership schemes now available.

As I enjoy my post-Christmas coffee I thought I would jump online and see what £400,000 would buy me around the UK. I do wonder if with so many people now working for themselves and location not always being a major factor, have we simply out-priced ourselves here in the Chilterns? £400,000 here would be a 3 bed semi or maybe a nice flat but we need to go further afield and see what our money can buy!

My dream for retirement is a beach, I can spend my days taking photographs and exhibit them in my own studio – selling to visitors, eating freshly caught fish and enjoying the quiet life! Here are some gems I have found today that would certainly be on my ‘must see’ list.


6 bedroom detached – Camelford £400,000 Bond Oxborough Phillips


6 bedroom detached – Anglesey £375,000 Morgan Evans


4 bedroom penthouse – St Leonards On Sea £399,950 Made, Hastings 


5 bedroom detached – Great Yarmouth £400,000 Aldreds


4 bedroom cottage – Yorkshire £389,950 Jacksons Property Service


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