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Spa Illuminata Danesfield House

Spa Illuminata Danesfield House

Miss Foxy and I were delighted to be invited to Danesfield House for afternoon tea and a morning in the spa. With our day to day lives consumed with weddings and The Foxy Deer, we were both longing for some R&R time which we rarely get juggling work and family life.

We walked in and you could tell that Danesfield Spa was that little bit special. You expect the therapists to be immaculate but this high standard was reflected across the whole staff. We were warmly welcomed on arrival and shown around the spa and all the facilities before being left to get into our dressing gowns and making our way to the relaxation room to wait to be called through for our treatments. We were both a little excited at the prospect of our treatments followed by some pool time.

I opted for a facial as my spa treatment whilst Miss Foxy chose a back massage to ease her poorly editorial posture! Our therapists met us in the relaxation room, which incidently is complete with a steam room and sauna, and took us through to our treatment rooms.

Megan, my therapist, took me through the treatment she would be doing and asked about any concerns I had so that she could tailor the treatment to my, somewhat neglected, skin. This was only my fourth ever facial but each time I wonder why I don’t have more. Even just laying back for 20 minuted and thinking of nothing is enough to refresh this over busy mum of two! I don’t know whether it was the comfy couch, the dimmed lighting or Megan’s magic hands, it could have been all three, but I left my session feeling very Zen – and I don’t do Zen!)

Miss Foxy: My massage was amazing (I am so sorry I cannot remember the name of my therapist! I think it was so wonderful any capacity for retaining information just left). My back is normally full of nasty knots but soon it was relieved and feeling so much better and more supple.

Our beauticians returned us to the relaxation room after our treatments and Miss Foxy and I just chilled for a few minutes – us chilling… how did that happen! What was this magical place and how do we get more of it! Miss Foxy even took the opportunity to have a mini steam.

Feeling suitably relaxed we donned our swimming costumes and headed for the pool room. I made my way straight to the jacuzzi whilst Miss Foxy did a few gentle lengths before joining me to discuss our day so far. Being just on our doorstep we agreed that a spa day should be essential at least once a month. Just having time out to bob around in the water and forget our day off day responsibilities was wonderful. It may only have been a morning but for us this therapy felt a lot longer.

Safe to say that we are a little bit in love with Danesfield spa. They offer a range of spa days and breaks for a quick afternoon out through to longer spa breaks to help you really get away from everything. Visit the website for details.

Keep an eye out for our Danesfield House afternoon tea review coming soon…

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