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Country Kids, pioneers in outdoor learning, reopens this April welcoming families for a new season

Country Kids, pioneers in outdoor learning, reopens this April welcoming families for a new season

As outdoor learning continues to demonstrate a positive impact on children’s development and academic performance, more families are seeking holidays to immerse their children into nature.

Renowned for their masterful approach to family holidays, Country Kids, a luxury family resort in the South of France, has long been a pioneer for outdoor educational experiences, presenting families with a wealth of activities to help enrich and equip both children and parents with essential life skills.

Country Kids reopens its doors to its converted farm on 6th April 2019, welcoming families for a brand new season. Based in the picturesque Languedoc-Roussillon region, Country Kids is run almost entirely by husband and wife-team, Sylvain and Laure, along with their young children. With world-class accommodation and services, the resort plays host to a maximum of seven families weekly, each in self-contained apartments, offering the intimacy of a private home and the atmosphere of long-term friends.


Setting itself as the perfect family back to nature retreat, Country Kids provides children the freedom to explore the great outdoors all while making new friends and learning new skills.

Country Kids is situated in the heart of nature, located within a working farm and surrounded by the French countryside providing easy access to nature’s very own classroom:

1.      Become a famer’s apprentice helping tend to the local animals – Families can trail down the country roads on a short tractor ride until they reach the farm to help Farmer Syl with his animal friends. Children and parents will have the chance to feed the pigs, collect eggs from chicken huts, and supervise little donkeys and rabbits, teaching children responsibility and how to care for animals.



2.      Develop detective skills on an intriguing bug hunt – For outdoor explorers, children will embark on an intriguing bug hunt where they will be introduced to the native creepy crawlies and surrounding nature. Equipped with a checklist, children are encouraged to use their innate skills to listen and observe their natural surroundings while familiarising themselves with the tiny creatures.


3.      Learn how to swim with trained specialists – During their stay, children have the chance to learn the essential lifesaving skill of how to swim independently. Alongside Country Kid’s specially-trained swimming coaches, children will be guided on how to help build their confidence in the water and given top tips on swimming techniques.


4.      Build teamworking skills on an exciting rock-climbing adventure – Country Kids’ skilful guides, Sylvain, Joseph and Max, will kit out families head to toe, preparing them for a thrilling family adventure. Children will have the chance to build on their communication and teamworking skills while climbing some of the most beautiful sceneries of the region.


5.      Practice hand-for-trout fishing on the Lac du Salagou – A fun activity for the whole family, children are encouraged to try their hands at trout fishing on the nearby lake. Children have the opportunity to develop their patience and concentration, and overall learning on how to be present in the moment. The lucky ones who manage to capture a fish can bring it back to the resort, where the chefs will cook up the catch of the day.


6.      Express their inner artist by learning how to tailor make dream-catchers – Perfect to ignite children’s passion for arts and crafts, kids and their parents can get stuck into Country Kid’s very own dream-catcher making class. Children are encouraged to express their inner artist, building on their creative skills using local resources from the surrounding woodland area to create their very own dream-catcher.



7.      Saddle up and become a master in horse riding – Tailored to suit all family members, children can saddle up and practice their horse riding techniques. Children will learn self-discipline and how to independently control a horse all while having the time of their lives with their four-legged friends. All horse riding experiences are tailored to suit beginner and advanced horse riders.


8.      Discover the great outdoors on a canoeing adventure – For a fun filled adventure, families can spend a few hours relaxing on Lac du Salagou or, for a more thrilling experience, they can embark on a 12km tour to discover the gorges of St Guilhem Le Desert. During the tour, children will have the chance to build their confidence on the water while building awareness of the natural world.


9.      Master the art of relaxation with a family yoga session – A restful afternoon family activity where parents and children will be immersed in nature during a calming family yoga session. During the session, families can enhance their inner strength and build their concentration skills while connecting with the tranquil surroundings.


10.      Get stuck in for a taste-tastic family cooking class – For an inside adventure, children and parents have the chance to practice their cooking skills in the kitchen. Hands-on cooking classes help children develop a sense of pride and confidence in their abilities, allowing them to build their hand-eye coordination and self-direction.


Country Kids is open from 6th April 2019 to September 2019. 7 Nights for a family of 4 start from:

·        €3,950 Self Catering package (Easter to May half term and two last weeks of September)

·       €7,550 Absolutely Everything Included package (May Half Term to Mid-September including full-board).

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