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Be Inspired – A Night with Save Wild Tigers at Danesfield House

Be Inspired – A Night with Save Wild Tigers at Danesfield House

Marlow based charity Save Wild Tigers do amazing work around the world to raise awareness and funds working towards saving this critically endangered and majestic species. They have had tremendous support from the public and supporters including Joanna Lumley, Brian May, Jimmy Choo, Gok Wan, Jamie Winstone, David Attenborough and Stephen Fry to name a few!


Image courtesy of Andy Rouse


On Saturday 27th October, Danesfield House Hotel will be co-hosting a unique Black Tie Charity event, with menu created by Malaysian Masterchef winner Ping Coombes.  Additionally, they will be displaying most of the stunning photos from the world premiere “Eye On The Tiger” photographic exhibition of captivating wild Tiger shots from the world’s top 32 wildlife photographers held in September at the Royal Albert Hall. Andy Rouse who is one of the UK’s leading photographers, will be attending the dinner.



Tickets for this amazing night of great entertainment and superb dining are selling fast! Contact SWT directly via email to secure your place –  or ring 07786 544333.


The fight to end the wild Tigers’ plight

Wild Tigers are being hunted for their skins, bones and parts by the illegal poaching trade. The illegal trade in endangered species is worth around £12 billion every year. Additionally, the Tigers’ natural habitat is being decimated by greedy developers, which increases the risk of human/animal conflict points.

Support, survive and thrive

Save Wild Tigers motto ( support, survive & thrive) has never been more pertinent in this singular point in time, because time is running out.

To this end Save Wild Tigers is harnessing marketing & creative thinking to bring sharp focus to the cause. We’re collaborating closely with the creative world, media, corporate & conservation partners to develop immersive campaigns designed to engage & inspire all stakeholders.

Simon Clinton founder of Save Wild Tigers comments – “With only 3,800 tigers left in the wild, time is running out to save this majestic species from extinction. We want to inspire the public to join us and act to save, surely one of the planets’ most beautiful & captivating species for future generations.

We need to turn the tide of destruction, protect and preserve and keep the dimming light of wild Tigers burning bright in the eye of everyone concerned”.

On-going fragmentation of centuries old habitat aligned to illegal poaching  is also killing off  rhinos, elephants, lions and numerous other species at an alarming rate. The wild Tiger has roamed our planet for over 2 million years and its future survival now in the in the balance, is a critical symbol for how we view the future.

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