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Tom Cruise returns as Maverick after more than 30 years – Top Gun

Tom Cruise returns as Maverick after more than 30 years – Top Gun

In ‘Top Gun: Maverick’, Tom Cruise is back on screen to reprise his role as the famous military pilot Maverick from 1986’s cinema hit ‘Top Gun’, after more than 30 years.

The sequel portrays Maverick as he enters his fourth decade of service, still working with the US Navy as one of their ace aviators.

The embodiment of the perfect military man shows off his skills, adjusting to current technologies of modern aviators flawlessly. Unfortunately, details about the plot are still kept secret.

According to IMDB, it was rumoured that the plot would be focused around drone warfare, but Tom Cruise himself has confirmed in an interview that it would be centred around fighter jets instead.

Kelly McGillis, who played Mavericks’ love interest in the original film, Charlie, has said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight in 2019 that she was not contacted to reprise her role. Instead, the movie cast Jennifer Connelly to play Penny Benjamin, the man’s new love interest who happens to be a bar owner, a single mother, and the daughter of a former admiral.

Other notable casts include Milles Teller as Lt. Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw, Jon Hamm as Vice Admiral Cyclone, and Val Kilmer as Admiral Tom “Iceman” Kazansky.

‘Top Gun: Maverick’ was supposed to come out on July 12, 2019, but its release date was delayed due to the pandemic. It will be released on November 19th, 2021, in the US, Canada, and the UK. It will also be available on streaming service Paramount+ 45 days after the worldwide theatre release.

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