The past few months have shown us that when times are tough, we must work together to help each other not only survive but thrive. In October 2020 the Metroland team launched a Facebook group to support local businesses through these tough times and encourage the community back into the High Street and to buy locally from not only bricks and mortar shops but also our artisans, solopreneurs and independents.

We have created a community group that very successfully created a virtual shop for Christmas; if we cannot get to the shops, we will bring them to you.

#SHOPLOCAL is here to stay and we are on a Metroland mission to ensure that our fabulous towns all stay alive! With such diverse talent across all 3, we want townsfolk to use their local shops, support their local businesses and ensure that the High Street is vibrant and successful. Shops face huge overheads with rates/rent/staff etc and it is our duty to repay that investment with our custom. Since we launched the group we have discovered a veritable emporium of artists, all on our doorstep. We can buy unique, quirky, bespoke gifts that don’t cost a fortune whilst reducing our carbon footprint.

Work with us, support the campaign.


10% of all profits will be donated equally to a local project in each area of Chesham, Amersham & Chalfont