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MAJESTY: 70 GLORIOUS YEARS by Matthew Haydn Jeanes

MAJESTY: 70 GLORIOUS YEARS by Matthew Haydn Jeanes

Sometimes we spot something on socials that needs sharing, deserves sharing, must be shared! This just popped up on a friend’s Fb and we had to ensure you see it too! This stunning painting of HM The Queen is by the very talented Matthew Haydn Jeanes.

Having worked as an illustrator for Disney and Hallmark on big brands such as Winnie the Pooh and Forever Friends (to name just a few) and climbing the ranks from Artist to Art Director to Creative director in his own companies (and others), Matt fell on hard times in the banking crash of 2008 when everything changed in his career and work dried up. He resigned himself to becoming a jobbing artist, gradually finding an aptitude for teaching, this is where he now spends his days working as a travelling art teacher in numerous primary schools.

In his spare time he still paints (mostly for himself) as well as writing the odd article for a well know Art magazine.

His work of late has included portraits of DIANA: Princess Of Wales, MADONNA, movie Icons LIZA MINNELLI, MARILYN MONROE, LIZ TAYLOR and MITZI GAYNOR (Who now owns a COPY of his painting) not forgetting BARBRA STREISAND (who now OWNS his painting)..

Matthew’s latest work Is H.R.H The QUEEN. Matthew told us “It was quite a challenge and is quite a big piece. I wanted to paint her as she is now, in this all important Jubilee year. I wanted to capture her age and years of gracious service to us and our country”.

I am sure you agree with us that this portrait is absolutely beautiful! Maybe one day this will hang in Her Majesty’s beloved Windsor Castle.

Find out more about Matthew here.

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