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How to upcycle furniture with Coat Paint

How to upcycle furniture with Coat Paint

“Upcycling and painting furniture has become increasingly more popular in recent years because of our increasing awareness of the fast fashion impact. Plus, it’s an easy and affordable way to breathe new life into old furniture”, says Aaron Markwell, COAT Paints Colour Lead.

COAT’s Exterior Eggshell paint is ideal for painting wooden, metal and MDF furniture because of its durability and high-quality ingredients that help combat knocks, scuffs and scrapes for years to come.
For most furniture surfaces, the prepping principles are the same. Follow out step-by-step guide on how to transform your pre-loved pieces.

1. You will need to prep the surfaces by lightly sanding them, 120-160 grit sandpaper or a sanding block is perfect for the job, removing any excess paint and creating a rough texture prior to painting. Make sure you clean the surfaces using a cloth and soapy water or sugar water to ensure all dust is removed.
2. Prime. Priming isn’t always necessary when painting indoor and outdoor furniture, if the wood is new and untreated then this step isn’t necessary. If your surface has been painted/treated previously or has a sheen to it, then priming is the way to go. Apply a thin layer of COAT’s Multi-Surface Primer using a roller or brush.
3. Allow to dry and then apply the first layer of eggshell paint, we recommend using a small foam roller for a super smooth application and then finishing off with a brush for the harder to reach areas.
4. Allow time for drying, wait 2-4 hours until you apply the second coat. You will only need a thin layer and no more than two coats if using COAT paint.
5. Give the paint a bit of time to harden, and there you have it, it’s as simple as that!

More about COAT Exterior Paint

Perfect for all wood, metal and masonry projects in the great outdoors. Super smooth to apply, and deeply coloured to stand up to harsh UV rays. COAT exterior paint is low VOC and eco-friendly, yet tough enough to last a lifetime.
● Deeply coloured
● Weatherproof
● Low sheen (20%)
● Incredible coverage
● Long-lasting
● Low odour/VOC

Starting from £32 for 1l tin.

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