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Barking up the right tree!

Barking up the right tree!

Dogs don’t judge, get bored of our jokes or tire of walks along the same route, and for owners of the 9.6 million dogs across the UK, their canine companion proved a life saviour during the pandemic. Their woof kept us well and now, Vet’s Kitchen has launched a unique award with the same name.

The Woof & Well Award was created in recognition of the contribution dogs have made to our health and wellbeing since March 2020. “We thought it was time to give our dogs recognition for their love and loyalty,” says Laura Shears MD of Vet’s Kitchen. “Humans and their canine companions have always made for a winning team. Whether they are a working dog on a farm, an assistance dog in the home or a companion, our pets very quickly become an important part of the family, and more than ever in recent times, we have relied on them for the emotional support we needed.”

Dogs, like Wilf from Brighton, have changed our outlook on life. Wilf was rescued by owner Lexie Elliot last year. “It sounds a cliché but when I found him I was feeling very lonely. I live on my own and run a small business so often do everything at 100 miles an hour. Wilf has taught me the importance of patience and without that I really wonder whether or not my business would have succeeded during lockdown.”

The Vet’s Kitchen Woof and Well Award is looking for tales of everyday heroism from owners who want to thank their dog for helping them feel better over the past eighteen months. It might be a shaggy dog story of living and eating well, getting fitter and losing weight or feeling more emotionally resilient through time spent together.

The award is for a special dog and owner duo who’ve shown that living your best life can be as simple as doing it together! All entries will be judged by the expert team at Vet’s Kitchen including Fiona Firth, the Vet’s Kitchen Nutritionist who owns two dogs Theo and Yogi. “At Vet’s Kitchen we recognise that the bond between dog and owner is a powerful one and speaking from experience I wouldn’t be without my dogs. They really are wonderful companions.”

If you have a waggy dog story to tell, then get in touch here: or via the @vetskitchen social media accounts with why your dog is a worthy winner and a photo. Don’t forget to tag @vetskitchen and #vetskitchenwoofandwell. The most inspiring dog will receive a trophy, a selection of Vet’s Kitchen products and the winning duo will enjoy a stay for two (plus a dog!) at Enid Blyton’s favourite hotel, Knoll House. This unique, dog-friendly hotel is based in Studland Bay on the beautiful Jurassic Coast, the perfect location for relaxing, enjoying the stunning views of the Isle of Wight and walking with your canine companion. Who knows, perhaps you could even find some prehistoric fossils on your trip! A second and third prize of runner-up rosettes will also be awarded together with pit pat fitness trackers and a selection of Vet’s Kitchen products.

The competition launches on the 26th of August 2021, which is National Dog Day, and remains open until the end of the year!

Photo: Vet’s Kitchen Nutritionist Fiona Firth and her two dogs Theo and Yogi

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