We’ve been publishing since 2017, and we love living here. The Chiltern Hills offer fantastic walks, pubs and adventures. And just a little further afield, we can enjoy the adventures of London, the Cotswolds or even the seaside.

Not only do we get to live in one of the most wonderful and downright coolest places in the UK, but we have a culture unique to this area. With a sophisticated blend of country chic and cosmopolitan living, it’s no wonder more people are journeying to the end of the Met and settling here.

From cool dining (enough to satisfy the most diligent foodie) to lazy hotel stays, great days out to independent High Street shops, there really is something for everyone to enjoy.

Metroland encapsulates everything that we love about this area and is a seasonal print magazine aimed at the good townsfolk of Chesham, Amersham and Chalfont. There are almost 75,000 people living in these towns and the surrounding villages, and we feel that they deserve a magazine dedicated to them with loads of news, articles and offers.

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Tina Reading
Kathryn Pike

Tina and Kathryn met years ago when they were both heavily involved in the wedding industry; Tina as a national magazine editor and Kathryn as a photographer. Over the years they have formed a firm friendship.

In 2013 they launched Chiltern Buzz originally intended as a local networking and social media platform. In 2017 this became The Foxy Deer blog, which attracted a much wider and interactive audience. The blog, interactive magazine and social media covered life from the Cotswolds down to London. Roll forward and they introduced Metroland Life, social media platform and magazine just for life in Amersham, Chesham and Chalfont.

Tina and Kathryn have over 30 years combined experience in publishing, marketing and advertising. A combined PR and design background just adds to the mix. These formidable ladies know how to brand and most importantly how to reach your target audience.

Friends working together? Definitely a winning scenario with these two!